2pc Boston Cocktail Shaker Set


✔ GREAT VALUE » Boston Shaker Bundle Set made of superior 18/8 grade stainless steel. Professional shakers with 28 oz and 18 oz capacity that fit together perfectly / plus an Illustrated Guide to Cocktails recipe fold out guide.

✔ QUALITY » Cresimo’s Boston Cocktail Shaker not only looks attractive and elegant but has also been designed to last. Made from high quality stainless steel with a mirror finish, it is guaranteed not to rust or leak and remain on your bar for many years to come!

✔ AMAZINGLY VERSATILE » The perfect drink mixer kit for making ice cold cocktail recipes such as: Margarita’s, Cosmopolitan’s, Long Island Iced Tea’s or Apple Martini’s.

✔ CONVENIENT: Simple and easy to use this shaker is recommended for beginner’s and experienced bartender alike. Experience the improved taste of a large variety of spirits like Tequila, Rum, Vodka, and Liqueurs like never before. It’s certain to be the most used piece of your barware arsenal!

✔ WORRY FREE 2 YEAR WARRANTY » 100% Guarantee! If you are not completely satisfied, contact us immediately! This warranty is exclusive to sales through Cresimo only and purchases made through unauthorized re-sellers will not be covered by this same manufacturer’s warranty.


Martini Cocktail Shaker for All Your Cocktail Mixing Needs

Enhance Your Cocktail Creation Process Now!

- Do you regularly entertain your family and friends but lack the bar tools to inspire?
- Tired of paying for overpriced cocktails at a bar?
- Are you looking for a cocktail shaker that’s easy to use and clean?
- Do you want a shaker that doesn’t rust or stick?

Introducing Your Very Own Cresimo Boston Cocktail Shaker to the Rescue!

- Sturdy stainless steel design, made to be rust and leak proof.
- Easy to use and clean by hand or in your dishwasher.
- Includes a bonus Illustrated Guide to Cocktails recipe guide.
- Perfect for professional or home use.

Amazon Buyers Trust Our Cresimo Brand to be Quality Premium Products.

You are Backed by Our 2 Year Warranty too!

We Cannot Guarantee this Special Pricing, So Be Sure to Click Buy Now!

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